This is what Oxford Google Dictionary spat out: Consulting psychology is a specialty area of psychology that addresses such areas as assessment and interventions at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

Mmm. isn’t that what I’m already doing? umm, and many of you? The fact is, often this work we do is like building a plane in mid flight (and without a parachute). I wanted more, so in addition to my research focus on the ‘critical activities that enable behaviour change in executives to lead cultural transformation’, I am also going to deep dive and intellectually scrum with the following topics (the headings will have to do for now, meat will land on those bones as we go):

Consultation as Process
Research Mentodology and Application
Developing assessment technologies
Individual assessment
Individual wellness and work adjustment
Career and executive coaching
Group dynamics and assessment
Diversity dynamics
Organisational effectiveness and interventions
Organisational development and facilitation of change
Consulting Psychology conference

If you think anyone you know would be interested in; or deserves or needs to be topped up; in these areas then invite them to join us!

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