In the past, rocking up at university had pretty much been about slip slops, board shorts and lateness. So heading back to the towers of learning in smart-casual business wear rattled the 20-something student of decades ago (scary use of the word ‘decades’).

It didn’t take long though for the weight of WISDOM, and the fire of THOUGHT to consume me. Dr that, Professor this, research here, conference there. It was like a wave of mothers’ milk washed brain nutrition over me. Neural pathways began flickering back to life, and I rediscovered an unyielding energy for listening and an insatiable curiosity.

I was left wondering when last I’d felt like that. My answer bugged me.

But it was all put right. Within 48 hours of university life in 2017, I had a cartload of ideas, rigid opinions and stubborn assumptions upended. It felt like a poking nudge, sometimes with the force of a word, or a real, proven piece of valid research, that sent my perfectly staged collection of valuable, consultant solutions crashing and rolling around the proverbial market place. And I loved it!

So the questions we all may ponder – Who do you turn to, to have your views and perceptions kicked down the road? And are you absolutely certain that you believe everything you think?

Either way, I would invite you to put the sandals of freedom on your mind, and take a tour of all the new ideas, insights and knowledge that your stiff-suited self might be ignoring! I hope to help that ruffling process along.

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