Re-treading Fear with Courage in 2020

The sky had draped a grey cloud over False Bay, Cape Town, and ash-green lines of marbled swell pulsed towards the shore. Standing on the beach, I imagined guiding my fibreglass board across the soft water, and was itching to get into the sea. The soft hue of dusk dulled my vigilance and I ignored […]

Moral Potency will shape our ‘better normal’

As the Covid-19 pandemic spun out of control, and a hurricane of germs blew across the globe, I watched a news clip of an Italian street artist musing on the state of his village. When asked how he was coping with his ghostly streets, he simply replied: ‘If I worry about it, or don’t worry […]

A Better Set of Lenses

By Steve Hall Let me tell you a story about Christian Cooper and Amy Cooper. They are not “The Coopers”, in fact they are unrelated in a host of different ways, but they share a surname and a recent incident in Central Park, New York. Christian is out bird watching. He has a bicycle helmet […]

The possibility to thrive in a crisis!

We celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday on the 1st of September 2008 and deeply appreciated how well we had embraced her into our lives. My wife had quit her consulting job to be a stay-at-home mom and I was entrenched in an exciting, high- prospect, software business. I was heading a small sales team, had […]

Smile – its contagious

Written by Tidal Pooler – Ian Kennedy (his debut contribution) It is so difficult to avoid the ever-depressing headlines that highlight the corruption, evils and disasters that plague our world. One doesn’t have to look too far to be triggered into frustration and dejection. No matter what side of a fence you might sit, the […]

Who is the Donald Trump in your life?

There was a time when at social functions, I dodged having to tell people what I did for a living. I had early experiences in my career when the hush, pause and gulp at the dinner table was too awkward to bare. However these days, I feel quite cavalier with it all – I am […]

How a Crisis Reveals your True Character

When I was a teenager, I moved from a small, community oriented school to a large, bullring of boys. It was a leap into the big, real and rough world. I was joined by a mixed crew of newcomers. There was the worldly expatriate, the Korean, the first black pupils and the religious seminary graduate. […]