Moral Potency will shape our ‘better normal’

As the Covid-19 pandemic spun out of control, and a hurricane of germs blew across the globe, I watched a news clip of an Italian street artist musing on the state of his village. When asked how he was coping with his ghostly streets, he simply replied: ‘If I worry about it, or don’t worry […]

Who is the Donald Trump in your life?

There was a time when at social functions, I dodged having to tell people what I did for a living. I had early experiences in my career when the hush, pause and gulp at the dinner table was too awkward to bare. However these days, I feel quite cavalier with it all – I am […]

The Leadership Blind Spot

The phrase of my week is ‘Impression Management’. Oh and I love it, for how aptly it describes much of the superficiality in our society. It immediately reminded me of a story shared by an accounting executive who was rebuked for nestling his second hand, seven year old car in the Partners dedicated parking. The […]