Re-treading Fear with Courage in 2020

The sky had draped a grey cloud over False Bay, Cape Town, and ash-green lines of marbled swell pulsed towards the shore. Standing on the beach, I imagined guiding my fibreglass board across the soft water, and was itching to get into the sea. The soft hue of dusk dulled my vigilance and I ignored […]

When the world around you changes

We’ve all faced change in super-charged fashion and pace in 2020. Whether it’s been quarantined in our houses, dealing with homeschooling, or attempting to pivot our businesses towards relevance, there has been not a single, city dweller across the globe that has been spared the impetus to confront a change in their perspective and way […]

Who is the Donald Trump in your life?

There was a time when at social functions, I dodged having to tell people what I did for a living. I had early experiences in my career when the hush, pause and gulp at the dinner table was too awkward to bare. However these days, I feel quite cavalier with it all – I am […]