Achieving a goal, may not be the goal

After a star-filled sky helped me find perspective at the end 2020, I turned to philosophy for some more practical advice with which to stride into 2021. I read, and was enthused at the stoic tradition, and laid those books down with a single idea that kept looping in my thoughts,  ‘It’s worth reducing my […]

A Better Set of Lenses

By Steve Hall Let me tell you a story about Christian Cooper and Amy Cooper. They are not “The Coopers”, in fact they are unrelated in a host of different ways, but they share a surname and a recent incident in Central Park, New York. Christian is out bird watching. He has a bicycle helmet […]

When the world around you changes

We’ve all faced change in super-charged fashion and pace in 2020. Whether it’s been quarantined in our houses, dealing with homeschooling, or attempting to pivot our businesses towards relevance, there has been not a single, city dweller across the globe that has been spared the impetus to confront a change in their perspective and way […]

The possibility to thrive in a crisis!

We celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday on the 1st of September 2008 and deeply appreciated how well we had embraced her into our lives. My wife had quit her consulting job to be a stay-at-home mom and I was entrenched in an exciting, high- prospect, software business. I was heading a small sales team, had […]

Sorry, I can’t navigate this crisis for you!

I’ll start by repeating what we already know. The world is awash with existential anxiety that floats as infectiously as the virus itself! We are all concerned with a sometimes niggling, often pounding, message of warning and impending danger. It’s scary and real, and multi-knuckled in its impression on our health. We are all to […]

How may our past becalm our thoughts of the future?

The world has ground to a halt and entered a prolonged and unexpected hibernation. We are all being forced to live in transition from an old world towards a new reality that requires deliberate translation of hope to practice.  The climate crisis and Coronavirus will surely be defining moments of our century, much like the […]

Why young graduates don’t need Leadership Development

One of the most rewarding periods of my early career was working with young adults in business. For almost 8 years, I had numerous opportunities to guide and mentor bright and ambitious professionals on multiple graduate development programmes. They were smart, brimming with technical and functional theory, but low in experience. Many were armed with […]

2019 to 2020 – from Reflection to Intention

There is no doubt that without pausing to reflect, we struggle to name and bank our learning.  At worst, we become consumed in negative emotion and irrational triggers. Sometimes we need to arrest these struggles and, at best, reset the balance of how we interpret and store our experiences. What helps even more, is to […]

Believe in People – Resistance is Futile

For over a decade now, I still encounter leaders who want to fight about the merits of development. I remember my first conversation in this long-standing battle well. He was a construction sector executive, privileged by the industry’s preference for white males. At the same time, I was reshaping my career from clinical to organisational […]

Conscience and Convenience

By Ross Orwin It was a simple act of throwing a used light bulb into the dustbin that got me thinking. Why did I not put it aside to take to a place that offers a more appropriate disposal method? The place that I am referring to is one of our local grocery stores, so […]