Conscience and Convenience

By Ross Orwin It was a simple act of throwing a used light bulb into the dustbin that got me thinking. Why did I not put it aside to take to a place that offers a more appropriate disposal method? The place that I am referring to is one of our local grocery stores, so […]

Rituals and what they tell us about your culture

I often hear this question – ‘How do I make my culture better to keep up with theirs, like that company over there (usually a tech giant that they read about in a glitzy magazine)?’ The more nutritious question (and one I rarely hear) however is; ‘How can I define, see and capitalize on the […]

You should know this about Organisational Culture!

There are two primary perspectives on culture, on the one hand there is a view that a culture can be broken down into its different components, and as a result can be built quite deliberately with a plan and focused execution. The other view is that it is a complex idea, and has no specific […]

I didn’t know much about culture!

They say ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast!’ They say it with such conviction, often as a precursor to their own philosophy on leadership and the future. They say it often, almost as much as I have said it.  I have sat through countless meetings with senior executives who claim high expertise and command of the […]

How Cultural Rift can tank your business

Here’s a story about the relationship between a small office and its head office. It is inspired by true events and triggered by the insights from an article on ‘cultural rift’. There was once a successful people development business that had an impressive reputation in its market. It attracted national clients and thereafter a pool […]