Achieving a goal, may not be the goal

After a star-filled sky helped me find perspective at the end 2020, I turned to philosophy for some more practical advice with which to stride into 2021. I read, and was enthused at the stoic tradition, and laid those books down with a single idea that kept looping in my thoughts,  ‘It’s worth reducing my […]

A Better Set of Lenses

By Steve Hall Let me tell you a story about Christian Cooper and Amy Cooper. They are not “The Coopers”, in fact they are unrelated in a host of different ways, but they share a surname and a recent incident in Central Park, New York. Christian is out bird watching. He has a bicycle helmet […]

The possibility to thrive in a crisis!

We celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday on the 1st of September 2008 and deeply appreciated how well we had embraced her into our lives. My wife had quit her consulting job to be a stay-at-home mom and I was entrenched in an exciting, high- prospect, software business. I was heading a small sales team, had […]

The Woes of Selling Time

As each year backfires into December and the summer break, I have become used to two feelings grating up against each other. On the one hand, excitement at the prospect of a low-demand rest, and on the other hand, the rising anxiety at the cost of a break and no income. Bear with me, I […]