How may our past becalm our thoughts of the future?

The world has ground to a halt and entered a prolonged and unexpected hibernation. We are all being forced to live in transition from an old world towards a new reality that requires deliberate translation of hope to practice.  The climate crisis and Coronavirus will surely be defining moments of our century, much like the […]

2019 to 2020 – from Reflection to Intention

There is no doubt that without pausing to reflect, we struggle to name and bank our learning.  At worst, we become consumed in negative emotion and irrational triggers. Sometimes we need to arrest these struggles and, at best, reset the balance of how we interpret and store our experiences. What helps even more, is to […]

Believe in People – Resistance is Futile

For over a decade now, I still encounter leaders who want to fight about the merits of development. I remember my first conversation in this long-standing battle well. He was a construction sector executive, privileged by the industry’s preference for white males. At the same time, I was reshaping my career from clinical to organisational […]

Are we consuming other people’s ideas. to avoid having our own?

In 2018 I attended a book launch by the founder of a leading professional speaker agency. As the event began, the host asked members of the audience to briefly introduce themselves. I had not heard of any of them, but everybody was a professional speaker – which meant they all seemingly earned a living by […]

Dear President Ramaphosa, please Speak to us!

Dear President Ramaphosa Those first three words of this heading were almost my last. It feels somewhat presumptuous that you will receive and read this, but I have decided to write it nonetheless. It’s just a compulsion I have, straight from the heart and thus free from rational limitation and caution. My head keeps telling […]

The Woes of Selling Time

As each year backfires into December and the summer break, I have become used to two feelings grating up against each other. On the one hand, excitement at the prospect of a low-demand rest, and on the other hand, the rising anxiety at the cost of a break and no income. Bear with me, I […]