We believe culture can not be copied or radically changed, because it’s a unique organisational fingerprint.

We believe however that culture can evolve – and it should.

Unfortunately, we also know that over 70% of all culture ‘evolution’ interventions fail – it’s hard to do, but still very possible to achieve.

We know that subcultures are largely misunderstood and ignored, and yet are the hidden super power of any culture and its desire to evolve.

We align core organisational beliefs, with demonstrated values and observable behavioural indicators, to optimise achievement of your organisations ambitions.

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“I have had the fortune to work alongside Marc in multiple capacities. He is a skilled listener with an incredible desire to understand how people experience life. He has the unique gift of asking meaningful questions that might change the way you live your life.  

He approaches his work with non-judgment and facilitates difficult conversations like no other across different cultures. I’ve seen him create a safe space where people show up authentically and are ready to embrace change because they trust him. His positive humor always helps!”

Carolina R
Director, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging – KFC Global