We believe that leaders are a unique subset of talent who directly influence organisational success. 

We develop capability and character.

We develop leaders within their context.

We develop leaders in alignment with the ambition of the business.

We develop leaders to deliver results with, and through, others.

We know there is a bountiful reservoir of leadership theory and research that clearly defines the key skills that deliver contemporary, organisational success.

We believe that empirical evidence should guide us in creating modern leadership programs

We have experience developing emerging leaders (new to leadership), experienced leaders (who have been leading but without much formal development) and seasoned leaders (who have soaked up formal training and are now seeking transformational capability).

Please get in touch if you want to know more: marc@tidal-consulting.com

“I have had the privilege to work with Tidal since 2014, primarily on the engagement of high performing teams. Marc is different to any consultant I have worked with. His work is world class, he understands our business, our people, our challenges; looks outside- in, and brings a creative, solution-oriented partnership. Marc is intuitive, quick, courageous, challenging, empathetic and lives a growth mindset. With his team’s help, we have broken down barriers, seen the humanity in each other, and set ourselves the goals to become Transformational leaders and a High Performing Team. ”

Kim Robinson, Head HR Western Europe & MEA, Swiss Re