Our Partners

GSI – is our global coaching business founded by Gavin Shaskolsky, GSI provides coaches to our clients across all time zones and a wide spectrum of languages. We chose GSI due to its 15 years of impact, extensive global footprint, and track record with some of the biggest businesses on the planet. 


MC4C – is our behaviour-change technology partner based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded by Jeremy Barty and Reyer Meihuizen, MyCube4Change (MC4C) has robust psychological foundations and a chatbot support tool which encourages deliberate and accountable behaviour change. We chose MC4C because we know that no one has ever been able to think their way through change, and this tool helps individuals and teams to act their way through change.


Heartstyles – is our leadership development assessment partner based in Marlow, UK & Dallas, USA. Founded by Stephen and Mara Klemich and acquired by YUM! In 2020, Heartstyles is a character assessment tool, and development process offered across 26 languages and in over 70 countries globally. We chose Heartstyles because we believe that Character is the true source code to leadership, and that true, sustainable insight and change requires an approach to personal awareness that deliberately helps people understand why they behave the way they do, both under and without, pressure.