Leadership Development Should Change Lives

An eagle swooped across the double volume windows that had framed the distant, white-capped Rocky Mountains all week. That view hugged the silhouette of the man sitting before us all. We all took a deep breathe as he paused and pinched his forehead into a frown. Fourteen of us watched him battle to hide his […]

The Leadership Blind Spot

The phrase of my week is ‘Impression Management’. Oh and I love it, for how aptly it describes much of the superficiality in our society. It immediately reminded me of a story shared by an accounting executive who was rebuked for nestling his second hand, seven year old car in the Partners dedicated parking. The […]

The silent majority may rule

‘It would never happen’ is what they said. They laughed and ridiculed. ‘ Too much is at stake’ they warned. ‘We would wind back the clock,’ they guffawed. ‘Surely not!’ they protested. And then it happened, exactly what shouldn’t have, and we all had to face the fact that there was a majority of people who remained […]