We are a leadership development consultancy.

We believe a trinity of factors differentiate your business and help you to win in the market – the quality of your leaders, the effectiveness of your teams and how these shape your business culture!

We know that effective leaders who deliberately shape high performing teams, and capitalise on the best of the business culture, drive distinction and sustainable success.

“Tidal has quickly become a trusted partner to our business. In the relatively short time we have been working together, I have seen the impact of their guidance, facilitation and training in our leadership teams. Marc’s direct and authentic approach is refreshing and I feel uplifted and challenged at each session. I look forward to future partnerships with Marc and his team.’

Joanne M, Head of HR, Fund Management

It’s simple, less than 10% of teams ever reach high performance.


We believe that doubling that (at a minimum) is a worthy pursuit and that effective leaders and a thriving culture can achieve this!


Since 2016, Tidal has assembled a collective of clinical and consulting psychologists, executive coaches and mentors, content specialist facilitators and leadership experts to create high impact, research-based learning partnerships across the globe.

Why Tidal?

We could have called ourselves Harbour, because we like the idea of how a harbour provides shelter and a safety from which to regenerate, repair, reset the compass, and prepare for the next voyage.

We could also have gone for Reef, because it too offers safe, nutrient-rich spaces and calm to rest, replenish and nurture the next generation.

In the end Tidal resonated the most, because a tidal pool offers all that a harbour and reef provides, and also refers to the rhythms of ebb and flow in the vast oceans. This combination captured our true essence. Tides and tidal ranges are rhythmic changes that shape life and the physical world, and we endeavour to do just that in a consistent and predictable.

So we are Tidal because we provide a safe and reflective pool and a range of rhythmic change that keeps evolving and shaping daily experience.

“Marc and his team have an incredible ability to ask powerful and challenging questions to get to the heart of what we are trying to solve and then become a trusted part of the team to create a meaningful and impactful experience. They are so invested in the people that they work with and I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been through a personal transformation (no matter how big or small) after experiencing Tidal’s facilitation & coaching.”

Kat Y, Global Talent Director